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DQM Specifications

What do the DQM contract specifications include?

In general, DQM contract specifications include details related to the following topics:

  • Certification requirements
  • Contractor-provided sensor and data requirements
    • Type, number, and locations
    • Quality control criteria
    • Minimum data performance requirements
    • Data reporting and format
    • Reference datum(s)
  • Contractor-provided computer equipment
  • Data-reporting interface requirements
  • Quality assurance check descriptions and requirements (pre-dredging and during dredging)
  • Table of contractor-specific deliverables
  • Data format examples and related definitions

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The Current Version of the Guide Specifications



  • Monitoring Profile
  • Ullage Profile



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How do the new Guide specifications differ from the old ones?

The latest version of the Guide Specifications:


  • Include DQM Certification requirement
  • Contain a punch-list of DPIP requirements
  • Are totally performance based
  • Standardize reporting across Districts (Lat/Long & UTC)
  • Contain updated computer requirements
  • Contains internet access requirements
  • Updated performance requirements

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How do I use the new guide specs?

The DQM Guide Specifications are to be included as an additional section in the dredging specification. 

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How do I choose which scow profile I need?

Want to track changes in draft/displacement and heading (gives indication of leakage)- example: Fate models
Have slurry material that will seek it own level so get accurate measure of bin volume

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No documents exist for Tracking Profiles