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Mechanical Dredge

In our continuing effort to provide quality data for administering dredging contracts, the DQM Support Center is evaluating the practicality of adding collection of data from mechanical dredges to supplement the data already being collected from scows.  Evaluations of commercial mechanical monitoring systems were performed in 2008, and a pilot study was begun on the Big Sandy River in Huntington District in 2012 to verify that data could be collected and transmitted in an efficient manner. Data such as bucket position, dredge position and bucket status (dig/dump) were collected and correlations were made to estimate material quantities, advance and effective dredging times. Database preparations are being made to store the collected data and development of a viewer to show dredge track and bucket footprint for dig/dump events for a 24 hour period are currently underway and should be available for optional use by FY 2015. For further information contact the DQM Support Center.