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Indicates that the dredge plant is equipped with instrumentation which meets the minimum standards for data collection for the Dredge Quality Management Program; that the contractor has demonstrated that personnel are available with the expertise to maintain the instrumentation; that the contractor has the equipment to calibrate the required sensors and transmit data; and that the contractor has documented pertinent information regarding his instrumentation system.

Is coordinated by the contractor directly with the DQM Support Team and local authorities according to the SOP's for:

Is based on an on-site inspection by DQM support Team Personnel consisting of:

Is good for one year from the date of issuance; interim re-certification will be required if there is any yard work which produces modification to displacement, hopper volume, or sensor type or location.

Pipeline Data Quality Checks

Pipeline Specifications - Latest Versions

Pipeline Dredge

DQM Data Transfer Instructions

The DQM computer onboard the pipeline dredge receives data from the contractor's system via a serial data connection. Data is stored on the DQM computer for near real-time remote transfer to the DQM Support Center database via an established internet connection. The contractor also maintains a backup of the data transferred over the serial port to the DQM computer until final completion of the project and verification that the data has been received.