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DQM ViewerDQM ViewerLaunch the DQM ViewerThe DQM Viewer is the primary tool for evaluating DQM dredging data, providing an interactive Silverlight application for selecting dredging projects, graphing load data, managing and requesting disposal plot information, as well as providing data exports.

DQM On-Board Software (DQMOBS)The DQMOBS is used on hopper dredges to capture the dredging contractor’s serial data string and transmit it near real time to the DQM center.

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Multi-Load Disposal Plots and Multi-Load Data ExportsDQMOBSDQMOBSLaunch the Multi- Load Export Tool

The multiload export tool allows users to export data in three different ways based on time range. The three ways are:
  1. CSV - Export selected parameters for a plant, contract, and project area for a specific time frame.
  2. Shapefile - Export an ESRI shapefile for easy import into ESRI products.
  3. Cumulative Disposal Plot - View multiple disposal events on one disposal plot.

Contact the DQM Support Center for instructions for software installation.